About Us

    Welcome to Ofogh Gostar Rehabilitation the ofogh rehabilitation is proud to be at service of rehabilitation, physiotherapy & occupational therapy society.
This company, the manufacturer & importer of rehabilitation ( physiotherapy, occupational therapy) equipments, started its activity by the year 1996. Regarding that at there time manufacturing companies were few, that company decided to carry out a vast activity and to go on using an experienced staff with the ultimate goal of giving service to rehabilitation society and to raise up its products, quality as much as possible and in proportion to it, to keep the prices in an appropriate level.
We hope to give a beneficial and proper service to the esteemed rehabilitation class of the country. We are trying to use the weapon of creation in manufacturing and highering the level of goods to the standard levels of the world, to give our products to the respected costumer in the best way.
Company's products have the guarantee for 1 year & the after-purchase service for 10.

Physiotherapist, Seyyed Mohammad Ali Montazeri

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